Skrilla Launches BETA Test for US Players

Skrilla has recently launched the BETA test for their Daily Fantasy platform. Players from all  US states are eligible to participate in free-to-play contests for  League of Legends and  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with SKR crypto tokens up for grabs. Prize-pools vary between 300-600 SKR which currently trades at ~$54.47 – $109.88  (0.058 ETH / 0.117 ETH).

Here are the rules:

For  League of Legends, you will pick one player of each position (Top, Jungler, Mid, ADC and Support) within the salary cap. Keep in mind that you can only pick 3 players from the same team at most. You will also have to choose a captain that will receive 25% extra points. Once you have picked your players, the players will receive points based on the following scoring:

Players: Team
Kills +3 Tower +1
Triple Kills +2 Baron +3
Penta Kills +10 Dragon +2
Quadra Kills +5 First Blood +2
Ten Plus Bonus +2 Game Won +2
Assists +2 Undefeated +25
Deaths -1
Creeps +0.01

For  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, users will be able to freely pick 5 players within the salary cap (At most 3 from each team) and one of whom will be your captain. The captain will receive 25% extra points.

Here’s how the scoring is done:

Players Teams
Kills +10
Bombs Detonated
Assists +5 Bomb Defused +15
Deaths -5 Rounds Won +1
Headshots +5 Rounds Lost -1

Players can sign-up for the BETA here:

Crowdsale starts for Skrilla Fantasy Esports

The crowdsale for Daily Fantasy E-sports platform ‘Skrilla’ starts today and runs until November 20th. There’s no minimum requirement and anyone can participate. Skrilla are also running a promotion where anyone who submits their wallet address can receive 100 bonus tokens. This is on top of the discount during the crowdsale.

In order to claim the bonus 100 SKR tokens, you must do the following:

  1. Send your wallet address to
  2. When the crowdsale opens on November 6, purchase some Skrilla tokens using your registered wallet address.

The details for the crowdsale are as follows:

Crowdsale @

Round 1 6 Nov – 7 Nov (9 PM UTC)
Round 2 7 Nov – 13 Nov (9 PM UTC)
Round 3 13 Nov – 20 Nov (9 PM UTC)

For more information on Skrilla, read our review or visit /

Skrilla Announces Token Sale for Daily Fantasy Esports Platform

Daily Fantasy Esports service ‘Skrilla‘ – founded by developer Puntaa and the leading international sports media network Gamurs, have announced the sale of their cryptocurrency token Skrilla (SKR)

The token is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and users will be able to pre-purchase tokens for a discounted price from October 20th to October 23rd.


The token will replace traditional currencies and will be used as the core unit of exchange within the platform. This leads to several benefits such as the removal of fees taken by middle-men like banks and payment providers. As a result, Skrilla will be able to offer users larger prize-pools and lower rake. Perhaps the biggest benefit and most exciting prospect of using a single currency is global player-pools, which will enable players from all over the world to compete against each-other. In addition, users will also be able to earn tokens by helping to grow the network through social sharing and referrals. The Skrilla team aims for the token to be integrated within 4 months from the close of the token sale.

My thoughts; 

Skrilla is definitely a welcomed addition to the fantasy esports market. There are some great benefits to using a cryptocurrency token like Skrilla. Currently, players have few options if they want to play fantasy esports. Using a token instead of traditional currencies will allow for global-player pools and helps grow fantasy esports as a whole. Also, it goes without saying that lower rake is a welcomed change that should lead to improved player retention and more prosperous games. Currently, many of the major sites take a fairly large cut of 10-15% of players winnings and according to Skrilla they aim to charge solidly under that. It remains to be seen how successful Skrilla will be but unlike many of their ICO competitors they already have a product on the market. A global-player pool should ensure a large player-base once they secure licensing within the major regions which is something they aim to do by Q1 2018. It’s also worth noting that their competition within the fantasy esports market isn’t too fierce, with esportspools being one of the few companies entirely focused on fantasy esports. If successful, Skrilla could prove to be a great place to play fantasy with many benefits for the players themselves.

Users will be able to purchase tokens for a discounted price during the pre-sale (October 20th – October 23rd) and during the crowd-sale (November 6 – November 20).

Crowd-Sale starts: 

The first token sale is now over and the crowd-sale will begin November 6 at

Scouting Report: Brollan (CS:GO)

This week we will be taking a look at the up-and-coming rifler,  Brollan. The youngster first caught the public’s eye during his time on the reality show ‘Gamerz’ where he put up excellent numbers, even in the final where his team, Gamerz Red lost to Gamerz Blue (+1.22 K/D).

Since then he has been playing for a wide variety of mix-teams like AWTR or as a stand-in for already established teams such as Gatekeepers and Japaleno.

Let’s take a look at some of his best performances:

vs  Maxicausse (BO3) with Gatekeepers:

  • Kills: 71
  • Headshots: 38
  • Assists: 9
  • Deaths: 44
  • K/D: +27

After participating in the reality show Gamerz, Brollan was picked up by Gatekeepers and it didn’t take long before he put up his first MVP performance against former EnVyUs player DEVIL’s team, Maxicausse. He ended the best-of-three series with an impressive +27 K/D. By far the best performer on the server in terms of numbers.

vs  Planetkey (BO3) with Gatekeepers:

  • Kills: 45
  • Headshots: 20
  • Assists: 6
  • Deaths: 28
  • K/D: +17

He followed this up with another great performance against German side Planetkey where he ended the series with a +17 K/D.

vs  Bpro (BO1) with Gatekeepers:

  • Kills:29
  • Headshots: 17
  • Assists: 6
  • Deaths: 13
  • K/D: +16

Just a few days later came another MVP type performance when Gatekeepers took down Bulgarian side, Bpro on Mirage.

vs  eXtatus (BO3) with CHUPAS:

  • Kills: 55
  • Headshots: 30
  • Assists: 3
  • Deaths: 30
  • K/D: +25

After playing with Gatekeepers, Brollan was picked up as a standin for team CHUPAS. This time against the Czech/Slovakian team eXtatus, lead by another young talent in frozen. This was a bizarre game where Brollan ended the series on an staggering +25 K/D. But he was not alone to do so on the server. One of his teammates, Spywar’ matched his performance with a +26 K/D but was banned for cheating shortly after the game with clips surfacing from the match with clear evidence of aimbotting. The fact that Brollan put up equal numbers to someone who was aimbotting and wallhacking in the series is hilarious and quite impressive but should of course be taken with a grain of salt considering it is very likely that his teammate was likely affecting the game with foul play. Nonetheless it was a very impressive performance against a team that has been showing signs of prowess lately.

vs  Dignitas (BO3) with Japaleno

  • Kills: 74
  • Headshots: 41
  • Assists: 11
  • Deaths: 61
  • K/D: +13

Another great performance by Brollan against a solid team in Dignitas. Despite losing, Brollan put up a respectable performance with +13 K/D. He was somewhat out shined by his teammate FREDDyFROG who had a great series overall at +24 K/D. But he did match his teammate on both Train and Overpass.

vs  FlipSid3 (BO3) with AWTR

Kills: 56

Headshots: 25

Assists: 9

Deaths: 37

K/D: +19

This time with Swedish mix-team AWTR, Brollan put up excellent numbers against another well established team, FlipSid3 in the WCA 2017 Main Qualifier. He ended the series on +19 K/D, outperforming one of Russia’s hottest prospects, electronic, who ended the series on +9.


The despite being fairly fresh on the scene Brollan has proven that he has a very high peak even against the upper echelon of tier 3 opposition. It is unknown how he will perform at the highest level but it is looking likely that he will be able to make that breakthrough and he will surely be picked up by a decent team once he is eligible to play all tournaments with a 16 age requirement.


Top 5 Counter-Strike 1.6 Fragmovies

Counter-Strike, like many games in the past has a history of great, high quality frag-movies. Even before the days of YouTube, people would create and share frag-movies on forums and gaming portals – showcasing the skills of the best players in the world. Often in co-operation with the players themselves. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the action and look back at some of the best moments in the history of the game. With so many great movies made it’s hard to create a Top 5 list, but here are my personal favorites.

Number #5

  • Title: Doin’ it solo
  • Starring:  GeunChul “solo” Kang
  • Edited by:  Teemu “soniq” Harjuniemi


  •  solo was arguably the best player from South Korea, playing for teams such as WeMadeFOX, eSTRO and project_kr. Something that makes this particular movie very enjoyable to watch is the fact that it features a lot of variation in terms of frags. There’s frags with all of the rifles, pistols, the AWP and even grenades. The soundtrack consists of nu-metal/metal-core by Mnemic, Raunchy and Slipknot which goes well with the high-paced action.

Number #4

  • Title: f0rest by athid
  • Starring:  Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg
  • Edited by: athid


  • Many regard f0rest as the best Counter-Strike 1.6 player of all times alongside polish rival Neo. This movie was created fairly recently and as such features a huge amount of great frags from f0rest’s long lasting career. The soundtrack consists of drum ‘n bass/electro music which is very typical of movies by athid and it goes well with the frags. The editing is subtle but effective which puts the frags in focus. I also think the movie-maker got the imagery just right in this one – it’s real smooth and the colors are vibrant.

Number #3

  • Title: n0thing but headshots
  • Starring:  Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert
  • Edited by: N/A


  • Starring Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert who in 1.6 was an up and coming talent. Just like the title indicates the frags in this movie are nuts which is really what makes this one so good. The deagle frags are especially good and the movie keeps a high pace throughout with music by Nine Inch Nails and Refuse.

Number #2

  • Starring: Mixture of the world’s best players
  • Edited by: Dager Production


  • ANNIHILATION 2 is a movie that features frags from a grand total of 36 of the worlds most skilled players. Needless to say the quality of frags are very good and it’s great to see a compilation of frags from a wide variety of players and playing styles. This movie was one of the earliest movies to break the mold and feature a drum ‘n bass soundtrack with music by Pendulum. The fast paced music and editing makes it a really fun movie to watch and definitely gets you pumped up.

Number #1

  • Title: Still Mighty
  • Starring:  Abdisamad ‘SpawN’ Mohamed
  • Edited by: Chillside Digital Editing


  • Abidsamad ‘SpawN’ Mohamed is a Swedish player, particularly known for his time in the legendary SK Gaming side who completely dominated the scene of Counter-Strike in 2003. He is perhaps one of the most mechanically gifted players in the history of the game which makes for some excellent frags to watch. The movie also features some great moments and real-life footage from events and tournaments. The soundtrack, which consists of hip-hop throughout the duration of the film, really gives it a unique feel and makes it stand out from the rest.